Energy conservation

Life is so dependent on machines these days that electricity has become prime mover. I consider Chennai to be lucky as we have electricity but for the 2-hour informed power cut. But this is not the case with many of us, other cities and towns in Tamil Nadu face long hours of power cut and problems of power supply interruption. The scheduled and unscheduled power cuts are disturbing our daily activities.

After generators, Inverters are the most sought after way to fight power supply issues. But one must think what causes power cuts and should instead find ways to repair the causes. 

Electricity supply has not kept pace with the demand created by us- the consumers of energy who do it without any second thought. On the other hand, for supply to be increased is a Herculean task for Electrical utilities and the Government. It takes months to create demand but years to build a power plant. So it is our responsibility to conserve and utilize energy optimally – to share energy with our fellow beings.

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