Know your bill

Every time you receive your electricity bill you are in for a shock! Although you are widely aware of the electricity rates, you wonder why the bill that you have received (bi-monthly) is not the same as the previous one. This variation occurs due to the electrical appliances used during that billing cycle and the amount of usage. During summers, we find our bills to be the highest. We all know this is mostly due to the ACs. But there are times when your bill costs you way too much. That can be due to various factors like problems with the meters, pilfering of power from your line, change in tariff without intimation, erroneous meter reading, etc. 

The above-mentioned reasons are those that you need to apprise yourself by checking your connections & meters. Even small faults in appliances can lead to excess drawal of power and can be hazardous. Remember to validate the reading of the meter before you pay. 

There are some constant factors that determine your tariff that is applicable to you and you should know what those charges are.