Misconception of monthly and bi-monthly billing

Earlier the electricity billing in Tamil Nadu was made on a monthly basis i.e. you get the electricity bill every month for the units consumed that month. In 2012, the billing cycle changed from monthly to bi-monthly. As the tariff was increased multifold (Tariff revised in 2012), consumers felt they paid more if the billing is bi-monthly compared to the previously monthly billing.
Please see below the tariff for different slabs of consumption under LT tariff I A (domestic connection come under this): 


Here is an explanation given by TANGEDCO to clear this misconception


To clear the doubts raised by Public, whether the current consumption charges will be less if the assessment is made monthly instead of Bimonthly, the following details are furnished.

Example: 1

Monthly assessment                                                     Bimonthly assessment

Units: 80                                                                          Units : 160

CC charges  80x Rs.1.50  =  Rs.120/-                          160 x Rs.1.50  =  Rs.240/-

+ Fixed charges                         Rs.  10/-                                                              Rs.  20/-

Total                                              Rs.130/-                                                              Rs.260/-                                                                                                         

Example : 2

Monthly assessment                                                      Bi-monthly assessment

Units:190                                                                       Units: 380 

CC Charges  100 x Rs.2 = Rs.200/-                              200 x Rs.2    = Rs.400/-

                           90  x Rs.3 = Rs.270/-                              180 x Rs.3/-  = Rs.540/-

+Fixed charges                 = Rs.  15/-                                                            = Rs.  30/-


                             Total        =Rs.485/-                                                                Rs.970/-

Current Consumption charges for monthly assessment is Rs.485/- & for Bimonthly assessment Rs.970/- There is no excess/short due to monthly & Bimonthly assessment.

Example: 3

Monthly assessment                                                     Bi-monthly assessment

Units:255                                                                      Units 510 

CC charges  100 x Rs.3/- = Rs.300/-                            200x3     = Rs.600/-

                         150 x Rs.4/- = Rs.600/-                            300x4     = Rs.1200/-

                              5 xRs.5.75= Rs. 29/-                               10x5.75 = Rs.   58/-

+Fixed charges                         Rs. 20/-                                                    Rs.  20/-


            Total                                  Rs.949/-                                                Rs.1898/-

Current Consumption charges for monthly assessment is Rs.949/- & for Bimonthly assessment Rs.1898/- There is no excess/short due to monthly & Bimonthly assessment. 




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