TN electricity supply scenario

Supply of power 

In Tamil Nadu the total installed generation capacity (as of March 2013) of 10515.34 MW  to satisfy the state’s energy needs. The installed capacity of non conventional energy sources as of March 2013 is 7999.025 MW. The break-up of the total installed capacity as Conventional and Non-Conventional sources is as given below:

Break-up of Total Installed Capacity of Power in TN

S.No Source Capacity in MW
I Hydel, coal, oil based conventional sources  
1. TANGEDCO's own generating stations (Hydel, Thermal, Gas) 5677
2. Private sector (IPP) 1180
3. Share from Central Generating Stations 2861
4. External assistance 305
5. thers (Captive Power Plants) 214
  Added during the year (Thermal & Hydro) (2012-13) 127.5
  Total 10364.5
II Renewable Energy Sources  
1. Wind 6696.61
2. Solar 10.0
3. Bio-mass Co-generation 610.0
4. Bio-mass power 161.15
5. Small hydro 90.05
6. Waste to energy 4.25
  Added during the year (2012 - 13) 696
  Total installed capacity 17936.56

Reproduced from TN policy Note 2012-13

The state’s power comes from Thermal, Hydel and Gas (natural gas, or liquid like oil) sources predominantly. Apart from these conventional sources it also produces from Non-Conventional Renewable sources like Wind, Solar and Bio-Mass.

The total installed capacity of the Thermal plants put together is 2970 MW and their average generation capacity is around 2670 MW . TANGEDCOs Thermal power plants are one among the most efficient with high Plant Load Factor (PLF) when compared to other stations across the country. The average PLF for the year 2011-12 is 87.78%  way above the CEA norms of 80% .

Apart from thermal power stations, TN has four Hydro Power Generating Circles (Kundah, Kadamparai, Erode and Tirunalveli) and four Gas Turbine Power Stations (Basin Bridge, Thirumakottai, Kuttalam, and Valathur).

An interesting fact about the TN power generation is its involvement in promoting power generation from Renewable Energy Sources such as Wind, Biomass and Solar. As of March 2013, Tamil Nadu's wind energy total installed capacity of 6970.625 MW , thereby contributing 46% of India’s total capacity of wind energy (14989 MW) . The promotion of renewable source of Wind energy, though has its advantages, is not reliable due to its seasonality.