Transmission and distribution losses

The Transmission & Distribution losses in Tamil Nadu have been estimated at 18%. Considering the units generated, sold and revenue realized, the aggregate technical and commercial losses in TNEB are 19.3% .  

T&D losses are technical losses incurred in transmission and distribution of electricity to the consumer, and AT&C represents aggregate technical & commercial losses which estimates commercial losses (covering theft and deficiencies in billing and collection) besides T&D losses and is a true indicator of total losses in the system . 

To reduce losses:

The Accelerated Power Development & Reform Programme (APDRP) was launched by Government of India in 2001, with one of the objective being; to reduce the AT&C losses by extending a proper maintenance of transmission and distribution. But this reform had fallen short of money and so it was not efficient enough to reduce the losses. It only reduced AT&C losses from 40% to 35%, where it promised to reduce from 40% to 15%. Therefore a new and effective reform R-ARDRP for the 11th five year plan was structured which is the modified version of APDRP. 

The reasons for technical losses were mainly because the existing distribution lines were not rectified or sought for repairs and also because of the problem of overloading the system as the distribution capacity increased.  The commercial losses occurred due to theft, no proper mechanism of billing and collection, inefficient metering of meters and inappropriate energy auditing and accounting. 

R-APDRP – Institutional framework

The R-APDRP is structured in a way where the funds for the projects are given in the form of loan by the Central Government to the utilities and once the work is done and the outcomes are fulfilled then the loan amount is converted as a grant; if not then the utilities have to shed from their pockets as it will be a mere loan and nothing else. Here Power Finance Corporation acts as a nodal agency.  The timeline for this reform process is 5 years, till 2012.

In Tamil Nadu, under Part – A, which is to have IT enabled customer service and IT enabled power system for energy accountability, Ministry of Power sanctioned Rs. 417 crores for IT implementation in 110 towns besides to Rs. 182.17 crores for SCADA and DMS implementation in seven towns in the State. Under part – B which is to reduce AT&C losses below 15% and to install high voltage distribution system to reduce distribution losses, 87 towns were sanctioned of amount Rs.3279.56 crores.  

By doing this you will, 

• Reduce Aggregate Technical & Commercial (AT&C) losses 

• Bring about commercial viability in the Power Sector

• Reduce outages & interruptions 

• Increase consumer satisfactions



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