Ongoing work


Ongoing & planned activities under TEGI

1. Focus Group Discussions with Farmer Groups and Consumer Groups 

Engagement with Farmer Groups and Consumer Groups to understand their problems with access and related issues, to discuss the present predicament of TANGEDCO and its limitations and constraints and also to identify the way forward to tackle the problems.

2. Capacity Building of Journalists

Work towards Enhancement of Media Communication in the electricity sector. To this end; the objective would be to enhance the abilities of mainstream and regional media by developing a sub network of experts that could provide more of news analysis content so that consumers can be informed on the larger issues, rather than simply reporting facts alone.

3. Information Dissemination

Effective dissemination of information on Tamil Nadu’s electricity issues to an increasing consumer base via a website dedicated to TEGI, the “Empower TN” newsletter and posters.

4. Research on Consumer Participation Spaces in Electricity Governance

To understand the quality and quantity of existing level of participation of consumers in the following levels, decision making, planning, regulatory, grievances, etc. to enhance good participation by opening up the available avenues to the public through awareness programs and chancing to create new participatory spaces to effect transparency and accountability in the system.

5. Development of Long Term Strategies for Effective Participation

To develop long term strategies to increase the quality and quantity of consumers’ participation in electricity regulation and reforms via increasing the number of avenues, institutionalizing participation and creating a funding mechanism.

6. Development of a Holistic Framework on Electricity Planning 

To develop a Holistic Framework on Electricity Planning including a critical evaluation on the existing approach to planning, capacity addition and implementation that would identify gaps, shortcomings, incongruities and impracticalities. The objective is to identify where the problems lie so that possible solutions can be looked at.

7. Engagement with Government

To be in continued engagement and dialogue with Government agencies and officials to discuss the TEGI network initiatives.


For TEGInetwork members:

We would appreciate your involvement and the expertise that you might be able to bring to any of the activities above, and value your feedback and opinion on other such activities that the TEGI network could initiate.