Our Agenda


The main activities of our project are as the following,

i) To demand holistic, inclusive transparent and accountable processes in electricity planning that will ensure adequacy (quantity and quality) of electricity supply in an equitable manner to all Tamil Nadu consumers.

ii) To catalyze greater participation of all consumers groups  and stakeholders (business orgs, farmers groups, residents, NGOs, Academic institutions, CSO) in the Tamil Nadu electricity sector by bringing awareness of the existing participatory spaces available, conduct  capacity  and coalition building exercises, serving as a platform to bring in different perspectives and find common ground. The objective would be to encourage cooperative efforts to come up with solutions and bring one collective voice to engage decision makers in the electricity sector.

iii) To scale up Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency initiatives to bridge the demand supply gap. Act as a conduit to bridge industry consumer gaps (awareness of technology and products available) as well as government consumer gaps (subsidies and promotions available). Promote the importance of RE & EE in capacity planning exercises and promote solutions to scaling RE/EE that benefit all TN electricity consumers.