Public hearing

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC)  conducts public hearing on Tariff petition/ Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) submitted by TANGEDCO and TANTRANSCO and also for other regulations. Through the public hearing, consumers can give their views/ suggestions for the draft regulation/ paper that are invited for comments. Consumers can either accept the clauses of these regulations or can intervene.
The notice for public hearing is given by TNERC in leading Dailies (English & Tamil) and in their website. The regulations and draft papers that call for comments/suggestions will be made available on TNERC’s website.
Tariff Public Hearing
The Tariff Petition is filed by the electrical utility (TANGEDCO & TANTRANSCO independently) to the Commission. According to the Electricity Act 2003, this should be done annually and requires the commission’s approval on the tariff filed. The Tariff Petition consists of the ARR (Aggregate Revenue Requirement) of these utilities which shows their audited figures of the previous year, estimated figures of the current year and forecasted figures for ensuing year. This shows the tariff for electricity consumption. The Commission, keeping in mind the interest of both the utility and the consumers, decides the tariff (price of electricity per unit of consumption). It is the liability of the Commission at this juncture to open it to the public for their acceptance and objections if any. The Commission is also obligated to conduct public hearings and consider public comments before issuing the tariff order.
The Commission gives an abstract of the petition with the venue, date of public hearing and the deadline for submission of comments on newspapers and in their website. The copies of the petition are to be made available at the affordable prices to the consumers besides hosting them on the Commission’s website.